Biobel products are manufactured in Castellón by Jabones Beltrán, a traditional family soap manufacturer since 1921

Ever-increasing importance is assigned to a manufacturer’s proximity, as well as their business model and values. At Jabones Beltrán we uphold an ethical and responsible approach to business in every sense. We have developed and optimized to the maximum our sustainable manufacturing processes, which respect the environment and society. We also ensure that we keep our responsible energy use to the minimum.

Founded in Castellón almost a century ago, our family business manufactures natural soaps for household cleaning and laundry, as well as a range of soaps for cosmetic use. We specialize in the manufacture of various ranges of high quality, healthy and ecological products that are ideally suited to contemporary needs, and consistently framed by our company’s vision of social and environmental responsibility.

Our mission is to manufacture ecological soaps using traditional soap-making methods, combining our rigorous concern for quality and our commitment to making the environment safer and healthier for everyone. Sustainability, proximity and professionalism are just some of our values as a company and they are set out in our code of ethics.