Highest standard

Each and every Biobel ingredient is certified by Ecocert, which is renowned for its strict regulations covering the use of naturally sourced raw materials (and their components), the full traceability of ingredients and the end product.

In addition, our R+D department goes one step further and works unceasingly to improve on the effectiveness and sustainability of our products. We are committed to eco-innovation as part of Jabones Beltran’s drive for continual improvement, which is one of our company’s most important valuesa.

Biobel exceeds the minimum quantities stipulated by Ecocert, with practically all our formulas using 100% naturally sourced ingredients, and all of them contain 0% ethoxylated ingredients. All this information is clearly stated on the label for each product..

Ecocert certified products offer customers complete transparency. All their labels state the % of naturally sourced ingredients.

Biobel Bebés 1,5L_delantera
Biobel Limpiahogar 1L_delantera